Small Molecule Innovation

Small Molecule Innovation matches the very latest, leading edge medicinal chemistry technologies with a complete product development solution.

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    The one stop source for excellent Small Molecule development for Biotech's, small & medium sized as well as large pharma.

    With expertise available overnight and services complementing each other within PharmaLex, we can assure quick and high value support. Our new Small Molecules Innovation team at PharmaLex can support in every step of the way from bed to benchmark including services such as pre- clinical safety evaluations, reports on toxicity levels, omics data science to support translational research, clinical pharmacology, artificial intelligence & machine learning, market access, medical devices, and many more. Some examples of Small Molecule Innovation categories we work with include oncology, molecular glues, rare diseases, orphan drugs, antimicrobial resistance, etc…

    We offer global solutions covering the entire product lifecycle

     Our solutions, consisting of core services, which are tailored to address each of your unique requirements. Extensive program management expertise is a key success factor within our service solutions.

    Global Reach with Local Presence

    PharmaLex offers both global and local unrivalled solutions. We help every client feel more confident in every step of the product lifecyle with the best possible quality work and specialists in the industry. We now focus on innovative small molecules in EU & US.

    Operational Excellence & Rapid Scale up

    Our close relationship with regulators and our global experience allows us to provide a rapid scale up with excellent results in innovative drugs. We focus on being patient centric. In order to become closer with the patient we deliver more convenient solutions in a timely way. We will make sure your innovative small molecule gets to market as efficiently as possible. The more innovative the small molecule, the better!

    Exceptional both in biopharma & small molecule innovation

    PharmaLex is a one stop source. We combine our Biopharma Excellence and Small Molecule Innovation services expands from drug discovery through research and development through bringing innovations to market (including API development and manufaturing) to supply chain and product distribution. Our strong biopharma excellence teams width and depth with complex small molecules with extensive capacity.

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    Instant Development Capacity

    You can work with us in service level (individual service) or solution specify services and solutions clinical trial enabling (case studies) scientific advice meetings (case study).

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