Health economics and outcomes research (HEOR)

To achieve an effective patient access to the innovation, the product must demonstrate value to the funder, the payer, the clinicial, and the patient. Demonstrating that value is conditioned by the aggregated combination of three elements for HEOR:

  • The product information that is generated in clinical development.
  • Market information: requirements and needs derived from the therapeutic area, the process of care and the current market.
  • Information on the priority, criteria and objective conditions that will be used in each setting to make access decisions (buyer needs or expectations).

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    Real World Evidence (RWE)

    Presenting real-world evidence can inform treatment and reimbursement decisions.


    • From protocol development to final report
    • Plan, develop, and perform RWE studies (retrospective, prospective observational) to generate additional evidence supporting the product (also including follow-up to restrictions)
    • Collect data on the burden of disease, standard of care and for follow up after market entry to close current gaps
    • Describe the natural course of the disease
    • Document the outcomes of current treatments in clinical practice
    • Support global health economic model development
    • Communication of HEOR/RWE findings
    • Scientific presentation of results (manuscripts, poster presentations, oral presentations)

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    Health Economic Modelling

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    We develop different types of health economic models from Early-Phase to highly complex
    Some additional ctivities we support with include:

    • Cost-effectiveness
    • Cost-utility
    • Budget impact - Customizable Budget Impact Models (BIM)
    • Analyze comparative cost of alternative therapies
    • Calculate persistence, adherence, and compliance with therapy
    • Preparation of an HE report/reimbursement application
    • Develop reimbursement dossiers including HTA communication

    Early Phase Modelling

    Early phase modelling helps get an early feedback on key drivers for cost-effectiveness.

    Early-Phase-Models (EPM) give early feedback on key drivers for the cost and effectiveness of a product before clinical trial data is available. EPM can assess the impact of different results of planned / ongoing clinical studies, highlight any data gaps, and facilitate development of pricing, market access, and reimbursement strategies.
    EPM can also :

    • Facilitate development of pricing and reimbursement strategies
    • Assess impact of different results of planned/ongoing clinical studies
    • Identification of data gaps
    • Future clinical development decisions

    Prolific Access within Innovation

    One of our many areas of success is focusing on broadening patient access in a post price and reimbursement environment. Within diagnosis the diagnosis we minimize time to treat or infra diagnosis as well carry out initiatives to either improve and speed – up diagnosis and have a timely referral to specialists. On the other hand, through disease management we optimize the care pathway to reduce inefficiencies and improve outcomes. Some initiatives include process engineering, predictive analytics programs, integrated care strategies, etc… All these initiatives will increase the value of the innovation helping it get to the right stakeholders rapidly.

    Market Access Tools & Value Communication

    Interaction with prescribers, tools for payer interaction, real-world evidence generation, etc.
    Some of the activities we do are:

    • Adapt value dossier and messages for product listing / patient and payer value story
    • Market access tools (BIMs) to gain listing
    • Developing RWD to RWE and into RWI
    • Digital health combination programs to increase effectiveness of treatment
    • Develop above brand initiatives to support payer uptake / interest in therapy
    • Develop Value Dossier in support of negotiations
    • Develop tools and materials supporting HTA/ P&R

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    The key to unlocking market access, is the ability to look beyond the science, to understand the market dynamics that will shape the future and drive value. To gain market access in pharma and remain competitive, pharmaceutical and medical technology manufacturers must be able to demonstrate clinical and economic evidence to providers, healthcare decision-makers and payers.

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