Who we are

PharmaLex Belgium provides statistical expertise through consulting services, training and dedicated software to pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies. Our goal is the same as the companies we support – to efficiently and consistently develop and deliver quality medicine to patients.

What makes us different?

Leveraging statistics is more than just applying statistical methods

  • We understand the entire product lifecycle, and provide holistic solutions focused on the patient
  • We ask questions so that we can use the right statistics to solve the right business problem. We apply “fit for purpose” statistics with the business problem in mind, considering simplicity, accuracy, and risk
  • We understand the science of your business. We have diverse backgrounds including biology, engineering, computing, and chemistry
  • We understand the regulatory environment: GxP, ICH, GAMP, FDA, EMEA, and have a full quality system
  • We are recognized experts in applying Bayesian methods to accelerate development , reduce resources, and manage risk
  • Today, as the PharmaLex network continues to grow, we are poised to deliver paradigm-changing solutions in a highly regulated environment that transcend geographies and specialisms, fulfilling the needs of an extended global client base.
  • Our strength and competencies stem from the multidisciplinary background of our team.
  • We draw from the combined knowledge of the whole spectrum of life sciences (including biology, biochemistry, pharmacology, engineering, food chemistry, medicine, nutritional science, pharmacy science, toxicology and veterinary medicine).
  • Our experts have many years of experience.

Local Contact

  • Francois De Witte
    Chief Financial Officer PharmaLex Belgium Rue Edouard Belin, 5
    1435 Mont-St-Guibert
    +32 10 46 10 10

    PharmaLex Belgium has a Data Protection Officer who can be contacted on dpo-plxstat@pharmalex.com

What our clients say about us

We are working with a number of large pharma companies and are looking to create a consortium of partners to collect feedback on expertise, availability and outcomes. If you would be interested in joining our consortium, please contact us on contact@pharmalex.com.

  • We needed to develop our strategy and PharmaLex had exactly the experience we needed.

    Med Device company, UK
    Senior QA Director
  • They are available when we need to talk to them despite any time zone differentials

    Japan based medium sized company
  • Highly competent, knowledgeable, absolutely reliable and dedicated to the projects

    Europe based medium-sized biotech development company
    Senior Director
  • What was especially important to me was their ability to get a team, with the right experience, together so quickly.

    Mid-size Biotech
    Head of Outsourcing