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PharmaLex delivers global solutions by empowering subject matter experts from across the world. We service our clients through our regional hubs that collaborate on projects at global, regional and local levels. Through our standards, programs and initiatives, we help drive and anchor confidence in more than 100 countries around the world, building on our collective knowledge and shared values.

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In the following an overview of the countries where we have office space. Our teams however deliver services worldwide. Contact us to find out more!

Global reach with a local presence – our vision is to bring value to our clients by delivering subject matter expertise across countries, cultures and languages. Our core business is built on people who will support your growth and priorities. We enable businesses by providing top notch compliance services through our own worldwide office locations, consultants and a certified network of partners.

In all cases PharmaLex manages and oversees all activities. Our local consultants undergo the same interviewing, qualification, onboarding, training and review processes as our own employees. During the on-boarding process, they are given PharmaLex email addresses, are trained on all applicable PharmaLex SOPs and work within the secure PharmaLex systems.

For those countries where we do not currently have PharmaLex employees or local consultants, we use our well-established network of certified Global Alliance Partners all of which have been working on long term collaborations with PharmaLex.

Ultimately, we know you need a partner who can navigate language and cultural nuances without hesitation or error, and provide local insights that translate into clarity and success.

Within our programs we ensure provision and coordination of local teams out of our Regional Hub model. Local teams are equipped with in-depth knowledge to navigate local complexities, while getting the support from an established and experienced PharmaLex Regional Management team to provide general oversight and control workflow.

PharmaLex Regional Management team is structured into six key regional teams: AfricaAsia Pacific, CIS, EuropeLATAM and MENA. Depending on the project scope PharmaLex is quick to bring together local experts to ramp-up projects within the requested timeline. Thereby we can take full responsibility for all deliverables following the initiation phase and are able to take over responsibilities from day one.

We are not only the “muscle” but also the “brain” for our clients providing more than just “task-driven” local support. Our in-house regulatory intelligence database covering detailed country particularities is central to our success. Contact us to find out more!


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