Dr. Thomas Dobmeyer


Physician by training, researcher and investigator in immunology, hematology and infectious diseases.

20+ years of experience includes late stage clinical development, medical affairs and pharmacovigilance for a variety of therapeutic areas.

Christopher Gauglitz
Christopher Gauglitz

Chief Operating Officer

Almost 20 years’ experience in management consulting and multiple leadership positions, driving standardization and efficiency across multi-national organizations, to provide superior solutions to clients.

Kirsten Jacobs
Dr. Kirsten Jacobs

Chief Service Strategy Officer & EVP Regulatory Affairs

19+ years of experience in pharmaceutical industry, including various leadership roles global regulatory affairs and top management consulting.

Leads global team of 350+ academics/regulatory staff, providing a variety of regulatory services worldwide.

Sebastien Schmitt
Sébastien Schmitt

Chief Commercial Officer

20+ years in sales, marketing and delivery with a solid track record in providing tailored service solutions to multi-national clients.

Ahsan Raza
Ahsan Raza

EVP, Quality Management and Compliance

Over 25 years of strategic leadership experience. Co-founded a company that focused on compliance area in the Life Sciences industry, which merged with PharmaLex, bringing harmonization between innovative technologies and client demands. Leads 250+ global professionals providing a wide range of QMC services.

Carolyn Belcher
Carolyn Belcher

EVP Development Consulting & Scientific Affairs

20+ years experience in R&D, strategic drug development and program management, clinical development and product submissions.

Leads over 120 global consultants providing a wide range of product development services.

Raphael Troost
Dr. Raphael Troost

EVP Pharmacovigilance

Physician by training with 19+ years of experience including clinical pharmacology, clinical trials, medical informatics and pharmacovigilance.

Leads global team of 150+ academics in the area of pharmacovigilance, epidemiology and risk management.

Susan Maue
Susan Maue

Managing Director, PharmaLex US Corporation

As an Industrial Engineer, Health Outcomes Researcher, and business executive with 20+ years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Susan has focused on delivering consulting services that help patients gain access to life-changing medications and improve the delivery of safe, effective clinical care, while building systems that ensure the best customer experience.