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Being a global company with an extensive geographical reach, thus far, PharmaLex can carry out these evaluations in Europe, Australia, Canada and US.

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    Three key assessments that will set a product on the right path include :

    • Market landscaping: Carried out by an in-depth country mapping
    • A well-defined pricing strategy: Achieved via early phase modelling which includes various methodologies and tools such as analogue research, pricing driver assessments, orphan drug database, oncology database, IRP modelling, financial forecasts and P&L tools.
    • Product/portfolio assessment: This is Done through our highly efficient HTA assessment matrix.

    We offer global solutions covering the entire product lifecycle

     Our solutions, consisting of core services, which are tailored to address each of your unique requirements. Extensive program management expertise is a key success factor within our service solutions.

    Horizon Scanning

    This entails assessing current/future therapeutic landscape (Horizon Scanning)  and providing recommendations on strategies to improve access and/or defend price of the product. Horizon scanning analyzes the market potential and all the key updates for stakeholders which helps identify all the challenges and opportunities for the product.

    HTA Price and Reimbursement

    Map pricing, assessment and reimbursement landscape of a set of analogue products of interest through desk/field research as needed (with the support of an in-house cost calculator as well as develop flexible model if needed).
    Recommendations for pricing strategy/potential for markets in scope.

    Product / Portfolio Assessment

    Examine and summarize evidence and complement it with ad-hoc desk and field research to provide a mock assessment/likelihood of P&R approval
    Early HTA advisory meetings
    HTA/P&R and stakeholder mapping 

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    To achieve an effective patient access to the innovation, the product must demonstrate value to the funder, the payer, the clinicial, and the patient. We develop different types of health economic models from Early-Phase to highly complex. Demonstrate the economic value.

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    The key to unlocking market access, is the ability to look beyond the science, to understand the market dynamics that will shape the future and drive value. To gain market access in pharma and remain competitive, pharmaceutical and medical technology manufacturers must be able to demonstrate clinical and economic evidence to providers, healthcare decision-makers and payers.

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