Who we are

PharmaLex a.r.c. (Advanced Regulatory Consulting) was established in 2018, from the merger between PharmaLex France and a.r.c. Pharma. PharmaLex a.r.c. is located in Paris. The French team operates worldwide while supporting our French customer base on a local level.

  • As with all of the PharmaLex offices, PharmaLex a.r.c. is capable of offering the entire PharmaLex service portfolio to give our customers the same high standards they are used to – no matter where they are in the world. We also offer unique services such as regulatory intelligence and training courses.
  • All of our advisers speak the local language and not only help with local regulations in their country but also advise on current news and manage local submission activities.
  • As a result we will give you the best advice and support across a wide range of global territories.
  • PharmaLex a.r.c. has been approved for the Research Tax Credit (2017-2019). We are now able to offer our customers a real research tax credit benefit on a yearly basis.

Please contact us at / Nous nous tenons à votre disposition: france@pharmalex.com.

Local Contact

  • Sophie Guillaume
    General Manager PharmaLex France 41 rue de Villiers
    92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine
    +33 1 47 59 87 87 france@pharmalex.com

What our clients say about us

We are working with a number of large pharma companies and are looking to create a consortium of partners to collect feedback on expertise, availability and outcomes. If you would be interested in joining our consortium, please contact us on contact@pharmalex.com.

  • PharmaLex is dedicated to delivering a comprehensive portfolio while their modular approach allows tailor-made solutions. They acknowledge our feedback, modify their approach and adapt accordingly.

    Top 10 Pharma Company
  • What was especially important to me was their ability to get a team, with the right experience, together so quickly.

    Mid-size Biotech
    Head of Outsourcing
  • Thanks so much for your support over the past 30 days. Your commitment and timely communication have made working with you all a pleasant experience.

    US Biotech
    Senior QA Associate
  • We couldn’t have asked for a more professional, personable, knowledgeable group of Quality Experts!

    Top 10 Pharma Company, China
    Drug Safety Director