Efficient management of PV contracts

SMARTVIGICONTRACT is a cloud-based software solution for pharmacovigilance teams who need to handle large amounts of data deriving from contracts, such as Pharmacovigilance Agreements (PVAs) and Safety Data Exchange Agreements (SDEAs).

The SMARTVIGICONTRACT application serves as a single trusted source of information for generation of PVA overviews.


  • Central management of your PVA data
  • Contract status oversight (e.g. active, due for update, negotiation, termination etc.)
  • User-friendly and consistent data entry and retrieval
  • Increased data quality with consistency and plausibility checks
  • Secure access control (read / write / report access)


  • Provides immediate oversight of the PV partner landscape within the PV system
  • Accelerates PVA management by user-friendly data entry, intuitive application and pre-set plausibility checks
  • Improves communication and data exchange with interfaces (e.g. legal or regulatory departments)
  • Increases efficiency and compliance with standard / ad-hoc reports

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