Automates MS Word functionality to reduce time when editing documents

SMARTAUTOMATE is a simple ‘plug-in’ tool for Microsoft Word, automating selected existing document processing functionality. This tool allows PharmaLex to efficiently process Word documents with similar or identical changes.


  • Simple to install, simple to use
  • First version enhances batch functionality covering Find, Replace and Compare within Microsoft Word, specially focusing on typical Regulatory document processing steps
  • Users can process multiple documents simultaneously
  • All processed documents use the existing Track Change functionality within Microsoft Word to display the changes that have been made by the tool
  • All changes are tracked in an audit trail


  • Minimal IT support needed to install, and minimal training is required
  • Quick and easy to implement
  • Reduces the amount of time needed to edit multiple documents
  • Makes batch changes traceable
  • Utilizes (and enhances) existing functionality within Word

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