Working at PharmaLex – Interview with one of our experts


Stefanie Fasshauer Senior Manager, Business Development / Regional Regulatory Lead APAC Hong Kong

Career path

I started my professional career in a small Pharmacy in Hamburg, Germany, but have been working in the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry for the last 19 years. I have about 15 years of experience in Local and Global Regulatory Affairs with a strong background in planning of strategic concepts for new product registration, global lifecycle management and project management in EU and Asia Pacific. ​

I completed my pharmaceutical training in Germany and hold a Master of Business Administration from Macquarie Graduate School of Management, Australia. ​


Prior to PharmaLex, I held several positions across critical functions within healthcare organizations such as R&D, Quality and Regulatory Management.

My journey with PharmaLex started in 2014 in our Mannheim office in Germany, a year before the merger with YES Pharma Services. The first day on a new job can be intimidating, anxiety-inducing and nerve-wracking, however, the moment I entered the office I was greeted with a warm smile, I received my welcome package, I got an office tour and I met a lot a new faces and my PharmaLex buddy, who helped me with any question I had in the following days and weeks.  

I have been working on several local and global Outsourcing projects in Pharma and Consumer Health Divisions of global MNCs. The goal of these Outsourcing projects is to support our clients to improve and realign their focus on their core business and to allow the management team to allocate staff energies strategically by delegating time-consuming processes and tasks to PharmaLex. I had the opportunity to work in several positions such as local and global Regulatory Affairs Manager, Regional Manager APAC, and Project Coordinator  with different internal and external stakeholders such as supply chain/procurement, marketing, manufacturers andr health authorities around the world.

In 2016 I moved to Hong Kong and last year I joined the Regional Regulatory Team to support regional and global clients to expand their business in the region.

The variety of positions and projects helped me to broaden my horizon, to expand and share knowledge with clients and colleagues, to improve and develop new skills, to build client relationships and enlarge my understanding and awareness of their issues and how to solve problems together.  I also  gained long-term friendships.

To be successful at PharmaLex you have to love variety; think like an entrepreneur and modify and improve the way you tackle problems. I think it´s kind of a pre-requisite when working at the cutting edge with clients. It’s not about staying in your comfort zone, but it´s about being curious and tenacious when tackling something, which can be completely new or challenging. Working at PharmaLex offers me the opportunity to work at an operational level nd  also strategic consultancy projects. Another advantage of working at PharmaLex is the global collaboration – we work as a team no matter what  geographic location we are in.

PharmaLex continuous growth strategy, both organic and inorganic,  the trust and support of the PharmaLex Management Team as regards myself enabled my personal and professional growth goals. I love the challenge and diversity of my work, the people and the thrill whihc gets me out of bed and that, to me, is the reason why I enjoy working for PharmaLex.

Today, I live in Hong Kong, a melting pot of nationalities, colour and race, mesmerizing iconic towers and streets full of beautiful and colourful lights – a magical vibrance which will never fade. Surrounded by countries with widely diverse cultures, religions, different languages and long histories but also, of course, a delicious food culture and the most beautiful beaches in the world.


At PharmaLex in Asia Pacific, I am accountable for the oversight and management of local in-country resources and regional regulatory services to effectively support regional and global projects; but also provide operational regulatory support to client projects. Moreover, I recently took over the responsibility to research new business opportunities and economic trends; and to develop and implement new growth strategies across major markets in the Asia Pacific region, focusing primarily on Northeast and Southeast Asia.

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