International projects with Rob Worsley

International projects with Rob Worsley

After graduating from University with a degree in Analytical Chemistry, I worked for a number of years in R&D, QA and Manufacturing support functions in the pharmaceutical industry. A job opening presented itself in Regulatory Affairs, and my first forays into this part of the industry involved regulatory support for manufacturing and commercial operations. This then led to a role in global chemistry, manufacturing, and controls (CMC) and being responsible from a regulatory perspective for large-scale technical projects. 

Upon joining PharmaLex, my experience in coordinating and running such projects was utilised immediately. My client portfolio is diverse and most involve coordination with colleagues across the globe.  

The benefits of working for PharmaLex on global projects are numerous, with the main one in my opinion being the in-depth knowledge we can access. Whether that is specific regulatory, technical, clinical, non-clinical and quality knowledge, or local market intelligence, the process in acquiring this information is easy due to the enthusiasm and proactivity of my colleagues.   

In terms of global reach, there is not a major market that we do not have a presence in, and where we don’t have PharmaLex employees, we have a strong network of local consultants. This makes strategic decisions simple and we can see the big picture with a truly international mindset to ensure that a robust strategy can be implemented to achieve across all territories as efficiently as possible. The flexibility and adaptability of a global project is also beneficial as there is usually a 24/7 presence on a project which helps to negate a lot of issues caused by all colleagues being in the same office or time zone.  

From a productivity and creativity perspective, being part of or leading a global team yields a large flow of ideas that show the different approaches from the various mindsets you are exposed on the global level and can in a lot of cases be extremely valuable, making the inherent diversity having a positive impact on innovation. This also extends to having a number of languages spoken in a global team, which can be very useful when in country activities are needed.  

The interactions I have with my colleagues across the globe are always excellent. In terms of communication, information is relayed quickly and accurately and in relation to the information itself it is always of a high standard which ensures that strategic decisions can be made with the utmost confidence. 

On a personal development level, my experience of working at PharmaLex across various countries and colleagues is very positive.  The exposure and interactions with my global team-mates at PharmaLex have been invaluable, and have contributed significantly to my personal adaptability, my skillset, and my approach to projects.  

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