My on-boarding experience

As a recent graduate, I was starting out on a completely new phase of my life.  The global uncertainty as a result of the pandemic certainly did not make this step forward less daunting.

Thankfully, I found PharmaLex.  During the recruitment and induction process the people I interacted with were always supportive and understanding. This was not an isolated experience as I have found throughout my time with PharmaLex that the Team is so supportive and encouraging working with me to build my technical expertise in the world of Regulatory Affairs and PharmaLex.

Joining PharmaLex was my first experience of working in a Corporate environment which was both scary and exciting.  I was not only introduced to a new field of expertise but also to a network of fellow team members based across the globe and an international client portfolio.  I am particularly grateful to all of my colleagues who were always happy to answer my questions and to guide me to build both my confidence and my abilities. My confidence has grown week on week as I see that everyone is working towards a common goal and the entire team is willing to provide support whether I have required assistance to respond to client enquiries or advice.

Keeping in mind the situation we find ourselves in where most people are working from home, I doubt that many places offer such inclusive and helpful culture.

Anton Markov

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