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Today, we want to give you more insights into our latest achievements regarding Learning and Development (L&D) in our organization. Digital transformation has already started before the COVID-19 pandemic, but became even more important through the current situation. These days learning is becoming more measurable, developable, and goal-oriented. Simultaneously, changes to work paradigms are making it more virtual, spontaneous and hyper-connected. Decisions on when, how and where individuals learn can no longer be constrained to a specific time or place. The need to embrace digitization of learning has become a critical success factor for organizations and influences the way how organizations work and we believe it will also be a great benefit and value for PharmaLex. In response, we have recently launched our PharmaLex Academy powered by new software that we are already using in other HR areas such as HR management, recruiting, annual performance reviews, and now for all non-procedural training as well.

PharmaLex Academy

What is the PharmaLex Academy?

Training and development is an important investment in our most valuable asset – our employees. As a global service provider with a growing international workforce, we also aim to make knowledge and training transparently accessible, regardless of role, level and location. Our PharmaLex Academy offers a growing range of different training options, such as soft skill training, project management, digital capability, language training as well as career development programs to prepare our executives and professionals in line with their role and responsibilities for today’s and future trends. It includes in-house learning formats like virtual training, classroom training, blended learning programs as well as webinars. We work together with a proven range of internal and external experts to transfer knowledge in the different areas. Our L&D team will work continuously to further extend and grow our training and development offering to meet the needs and organization’s requirements.

First steps of digital transformation of L&D

As already mentioned, learning has become even more virtual due to COVID-19, but also just as important for a growing international organization. We need to think, act and ‘learn’ on a different level now. Our project teams are staffed across departments and across cultures whilst remaining agile and providing tailored solutions to our clients – which also reflects the way our learning opportunities should be created. Together with our business partners and trainers, we started to work on the transformation of all training measures into virtual format by the first quarter of this year. It was a learning process for all of us and we had different experiences, but finally we are very grateful and also proud to be able to offer our workforce a growing range of online learning opportunities which connect people across departments and countries as learning is not only an individual, but in many contexts rather a social event.

Alongside this we started to work on the implementation of the new training management software module which will support us in our daily business, increase transparency and provide better accessibility for all employees while keeping processes lean and efficiently. The new application makes our global and local learning activities available to our employees and enables us to manage our in-house training program and link each activity (e.g. registration) with automated workflows.

A great further step towards the digitization of learning and offering the best learning journey to our employees!

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