Corporate Social Responsibility at PharmaLex

Corporate Social Responsibility at PharmaLex


Corporate Social Responsibility is no longer just a nice-to-have, but a vital part of business! “When companies practice corporate social responsibility, they are acting in a way that contributes positively to society.” (Business Daily News, 2020) – businesses that practice corporate social responsibility aim to improve communities, the economy and also, the environment.


Trees and our Environment

Lungs to a human body, are trees to the planet Earth!

Trees, of course, provide the oxygen that we breathe, but the importance of trees goes deep into our everyday lives, surprisingly, even lives of those far away from us, and balance of the entire ecosystem.


Plant a tree with Treedom

Treedom is a platform that allows us to plant a tree and follow it online – and a platform that not only benefits the environment but also, combines social mission.


PharmaLex and Treedom

Focusing on the environmental pillar of our CSR strategy, PharmaLex has created and owns a forest of 794 trees in Colombia and Cameroon, which not only has environmental impact, like CO2 absorption, protection of biodiversity and desertification, but also provides direct funding to the local farmers, creating income opportunities and empowerment.

With support from Treedom, and our trees, PharmaLex is contributing to the achievement of a few of the 17 Sustainable Goals set by the United Nations, such as, zero hunger, quality education and economic growth, address global challenges like poverty, inequality, environmental degradation, deforestation and many impacts of climate change.

This collaboration forms part of our corporate social responsibility strategy and reinforces our commitment to sustainability, and we are excited for our future associations with Treedom.


Related initiatives (more and more trees!)

Adding to our active collaboration with Treedom, where we are making a direct contribution to sustainability of our planet every day, we have also  introduced a brand new initiative, ECOSIA SEARCH ENGINE!


ECOSIA is a search engine, that donates c.80% of its profits towards reforestation and planting trees. Any search carried out through ECOSIA helps reduce the digital carbon footprint, restoring ecosystems, supporting local farmers and protecting endangered animal habitats.

Using ECOSIA actually removes about 1kg of CO2 from the atmosphere, thereby preventing erosion, protecting crops and reinstating depleted soil.

Moreover, similar to Treedom, ECOSIA not only helps fund schools, nature conversation and foreign aid, as well as much of the infrastructure other search engines rely on, but is also GDPR compliant, which guarantees 100% transparency.
ECOSIA is purpose-driven, financially transparent, and in the market to regenerate our planet by planting trees together with a social vision, so why not: “SAVE THE EARH WHILE SEARCHING THE WEB?!”


Other initiatives at PharmaLex

With emphasis on funding and donating, we are, once again supporting PLAN International!
PLAN International is an independent development and humanitarian organization that advances children’s rights and quality for girls and strive for a world, working together with children, young people, supporters and partners.

PharmaLex, along with PLAN International is supporting a project to promote sports activities for girls and boys at 20 secondary schools in the Ba Vi and Ha Dong districts in the Hanoi, Vietnam metropolitan area.

Through this project, we aim to empower girls and boys through sports by training teachers and actively involving children in the programmes. Further, together with students, parents and teachers, we take stock of the sports facilities at the schools.
Together with local education authorities and under guidance of trained teachers, we are developing minimum standards for safe, child-friendly sports facilities and help students and parents learn the importance of sports for development.

Source: PLAN International

We are proud of the contributions we, as PharmaLex, have made to try and impact the environment, lives and community with collaboration with initiatives like Treedom, ECOSIA and PLAN International!



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