Are you thinking of a career move to PharmaLex?

We understand the importance of communication when taking part in a selection process as a candidate, and how valuable it is to receive regular updates about the status of your application. We have identified the different stages of the candidate journey, to ensure we keep you fully informed throughout the process.

For each open role at PharmaLex we have carefully analyzed and designed the profile requirements, from the most technical aspects of the role, to the personal competencies and values which will be thoroughly assessed during the selection process.

Your main point of contact once you apply to PharmaLex will be one of our Talent Acquisition experts. They will work with the hiring manager during the process and provide you with updates relating to your application.

We would like to share with you what the candidate journey looks like within PharmaLex and give you some tips that might be helpful when applying:

  1. Before applying… Research!

Information is very powerful. Preparing your application beforehand is fundamental. Go through our website, learn about our Business Units, our different affiliates, our global footprint, our values etc.

  1. Prepare your application

Get as much information as you can about the particular role, by reading the job advert carefully and making sure to highlight your relevant experience relating to the role you are applying for in your CV.

Include a cover letter presenting yourself along with your CV. This will help the Talent Acquisition expert to have a better understanding of your profile and professional experience, career aspirations and expectations.

If you are applying for a job in a country where English is not the main spoken language, please provide your CV and cover letter in English, as this is our corporate language.

  1. Apply now!

Our open vacancies will always be posted on our website, but you can also submit your speculative application if no vacancy matches your profile or aspirations.

After clicking on the “Apply now!”  button you will receive an automated email confirming receipt of your application.

  1. Selection process

The respective talent acquisition expert and the hiring manager will carefully evaluate your application.  Should you be selected as a potentially suitable candidate for the role, you will be contacted via email or phone by the Talent Acquisition expert with the aim of organizing a first introductory interview.

Depending on the role, there will be between two and three further interviews within the selection process, in order to make sure that your profile is properly assessed. The format of these interviews also varies depending on the vacancy and the stage of the process: phone call, video call or personal meeting in one of our offices.

Once you have participated as an active candidate in the selection process, you will receive information about the status of your application following each stage. This will be either details of the next steps within the process or confirmation that your candidacy has been rejected after an interview.

  1. Welcome to PharmaLex

If you are successful and have been offered a position at PharmaLex, you will receive an offer letter or working contract with the discussed terms of the role. You then need to review the information you have received and, assuming you wish to pursue your career with PharmaLex, send a formal acceptance and / or your signed work contract  We look forward to welcoming you to the PharmaLex team!

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