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Efforts to build greater harmonization between global regulators are gathering momentum, partly due to changes brought about by COVID. This growing trend is likely to continue as regulatory authorities gain increasing confidence in collaborative initiatives that are still in their infancy.
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The demands on life sciences companies are constantly intensifying. Resource constraints – whether workforce or the need to cut costs or streamline processes – different global regulatory requirements and the need to stay on top of technology advances create an increasingly complex environment for the industry.
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With both the cost and time to bring a drug to market ballooning, the importance of an integrated product development (IPD) strategy is gaining traction. This multidisciplinary approach to drug development brings key stakeholders together, breaking down barriers to an e!cient and cost-e”ective path to market. But while more organisations are adopting an IPD strategy, a recent industry survey found most aren’t doing so early enough. Frédéric Pailloux, Senior Director, Head of Integrated Product Development and Consulting at PharmaLex examines the IPD journey.
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