Cencora PharmaLex is now member of the Fingenious Ecosystem

Cencora PharmaLex has been approved as a partner in the Fingenious ecosystem which is a collaboration network that includes various public, academic, and private actors in the field of health and biomedical research in Finland. The aim is to increase international research collaboration by providing a single window into the Finnish service and data offering. Data pools, new collaboration models, and Finland’s international research competence provide new and unique opportunities for RWE research.

Partners are listed here: RWE research partners in Finland | Fingenious® – Your gateway to Finnish biobanks and biomedical research 

The ecosystem partners help researchers and companies with RWE project or research by tailoring high-quality data permit applications, offering insight into longitudinal Finnish data sets, recognizing the benefits that the Finnish legislation can offer, and much more.   

Finland provides unique benefits for researchers and companies: unique biospecimen and biodata, the needed governance, regulation, infrastructure, expertise, and proven track-record of state-of-the-art biomedical research collaboration.  

The Fingenious Ecosystem is supported by the Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. The Finnish Biobank Cooperative – FINBB and the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) act as the ecosystem coordinators. The ecosystem steering group consists of the Finnish social and health data permit authority Findata and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.  


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