Pharmig Annual Irish Conference

22nd-23rd May 2024 | Dublin, Ireland

The Pharmig Annual Irish Conference is a premier event specifically designed for professionals in quality management and compliance. It offers a unique platform to engage with the latest industry insights, fostering an environment of learning and growth. With a dynamic agenda featuring expert speakers and thought-provoking discussions, it’s an invaluable experience for those seeking to enhance their understanding of quality management and compliance in the industry. Don’t miss this opportunity to network with industry leaders and peers.

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Our Team

Patrick Nieuwenhuizen
Director, Principal Consultant

Open discussion
Lead by: Patrick Nieuwenhuizen, Principal Consultant
Topic: CCS and Annex 1
22nd May | 14.00 – 14.30

Speaker Session
Speaker: Patrick Nieuwenhuizen, Principal Consultant
Topic: Highlighting what Annex 1 is describing regarding environmental monitoring – setting the scene
23rd May | 09.40- 10.20

Speaker on panel: Patrick Nieuwenhuizen, Principal Consultant
Topic: Contamination control strategy panel discussion – how to use environmental monitoring to manage contamination risks
23rd May | 15.20 – 16.20

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