2024 ARCS Australia Annual Conference

12th-14th June 2024 | ICC, Sydney, Australia

The Future of Medicine: The confluence of devices, drugs and data.

The ARCS Annual Conference stands as the renowned must-attend industry event where Regulatory Authorities, Government, industry professionals, consumers, patients, practitioners, researchers, and academia come together to unite, educate, inform and network. This year, the ARCS Annual Conference theme is “The Future of Medicine: The confluence of devices, drugs and data”, featuring a comprehensive program with parallel sessions spanning three days.
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Meet our team

(A13) Ali Hidari (Presenter) AI/ML in Medical Devices – Demystifying Global Requirements for premarket applications | 12 June 1:30pm
(B11) Ivy Cheng (Presenter) Leveraging overseas evidence for market entry in Australia and globally | 13 June 1:30pm
(B15) Victoria Rogers (Chair) Update from the TGA Pharmacovigilance Branch | 13 June 1:30pm
(B18) Piety Rocha (Chair) TGA Prescription Medicine Branch annual update | 13 June 2:45pm
(B26) Piety Rocha (Chair), Diego Martinez (Presenter) Nitrosamine Impurities in Medicine – A Hot Topic | 13 June 4:30pm
(B25) Annegret Vaggelas (Chair), Tiina Palomaki (Presenter) How to make sense of RNA-based therapeutics | 13 June 4:30pm


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