Foundation of YES Pharma Services (GER)
Foundation of PharmaLex by regulatory affairs experts as a spin-off of Boehringer Mannheim (GER)
Swiftwater Group join YES in the US and become YES Group and YES India is established

YES and PharmaLex join forces

Actiomed (ES) and Wainwright Associates (UK) join PharmaLex and we establish the first operation of PharmaLex hubs in the US as well as PharmaLex China

New offices in France and Switzerland are opened and Lindeq AS (DK, NO), Jacobsen Advice (DK, BG), and Arlenda (BE, US) join PharmaLex
Safis Solutions LLC (US), Degge Consulting (US), Complya Consulting (US) join PharmaLex to support our internationalization strategy and US presence. Nordic Health Economics AB (SE), McGee Pharma (IE), TRAC Services Limited (UK) and Sträter Life Science GmbH (GER) join PharmaLex to strengthen our local presence across the EU and enable us to offer clients a wider range of key services
A new office is opened in Italy. We also welcomed ECHO Consulting Group (PR, US) to help establish our LATAM presence as well as A.R.C Pharma (FR) and McCrowley & Hughes (ES) to further strengthen our EU expertise
Vintura (NL) and PharmaLex enter joint venture to provide strategic consulting for life sciences and healthcare companies & providers in Europe. In addition CompliMed (UK) join PharmaLex bringing with them specific expertise in healthcare compliance.
Arbour Group (US, Dubai & Phiippines) join PharmaLex. They bring specific experience in computer software validation and will help strengthen our US presence as well as introduce into new territories. We also welcomed Regulis Consulting (UK) who increase our market share within the UK. Biopharma Excellence (GER) join PharmaLex to bring specialist biopharmaceutical expertise and BioStat Solutions (US) join PharmaLex to further strengthen our statistical services portfolio.