Noelle Clifford – Manager/Consultant at PharmaLex

What has your career path looked like to date? And your role in PharmaLex?

I went to University College Dublin to study Science and, having there developed a keen interest in the world of micro-organisms, decided to major in Industrial Microbiology. On completing the course with a BSc (Hons) I went on to spend 15 years working within Quality Control – Microbiology from Analyst up to Management positions for a number of large multinational Pharmaceutical companies manufacturing solid oral dosage products, parenteral products, dry powder inhalation products and topical products.

Throughout my career I have worked within start-up environments and established operational facilities. Over my time working within the industry I gained a variety of experience such as QC Microbiology Lab Operations and Management, Environmental Monitoring, Microbial Methods, Water System Monitoring and Testing, Method Validation/Verification, Equipment Validation, Data Integrity, Quality Management Systems and Manufacturing Operations Support.

I began working with PharmaLex over a year ago as a Consultant on the Technical Team within the Quality Management and Compliance Division. Since joining PharmaLex, I have worked with and provided support to a variety of clients on a number of different project types, for example CCRA and CCS development, Annex 1 review and gap assessment, lab support, QMS review and development, inspection preparation, inspection responses etc


What has your experience been with the company culture in PharmaLex?

PharmaLex is a very collaboration focused company. We work closely with our clients in a ‘round table’ like approach; Every contributor has a voice. This allows us foster a team based working approach with our clients and to find the best solution to fit their needs.

The PharmaLex team work together on projects to utilise the extensive resource that is our broad and varied team experience. This allows us to provide a unique service and offer a high standard of technical experience. Knowing that we are offering the best support to clients and working in a team where your input is valued makes the role very satisfying.

The company is also a champion of personal and professional development, so being encouraged and being given opportunities to learn and develop new skills means a lot to me.


What is the best career lesson you have learned so far?

Take every opportunity to learn a new skill.

Talk to the people on the ground, they have the knowledge.

Be brave and ask the ‘stupid’ questions because likely, everyone else has the same question.


What advice would you give to your younger self?

Push the boundaries. Learn new things. You are more capable than you think.


What inspires you?

Working with our clients and seeing the difference the team’s advice and guidance makes to our clients’ operations.

Knowing that our help contributes to the supply of essential products and treatments.

Having the opportunity to work with such a variety of clients from large multinationals to start-up companies.


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