Caring for our People

Health beyond Business

We are dedicated to create a sustainable work-life balance to promote well-being to support our highly motivated team in this fun and challenging environment.

Why Health & Wellbeing at PharmaLex?

  • Positive changes in employee health behaviors
  • A decrease in health risks
  • An increase in productivity and a decrease in absenteeism
  • High employee morale, which leads to better retention
  • Attracting employees

Global initiatives at PharmaLex

  • Meditation sessions – Practice Mindfulness, Concentration, Focus, Wellness, Calmness, Engagement, Physical and mental health
  • Active breaks – Energizing mind and body, Relaxation through stretching and breathing
  • Global Step Challenges – “PharmaLex Step Challenge” offers opportunities to have some virtual fun with our global team and embodies our “OnePharmaLex” ethos. In the recent Step Challenge, May 2022, together, PharmaLex’s grand total was 54,737,233 steps, just shy of our 70,000,000 goal.
  • Lunch & Learn Sessions – A Lunch & Learn is a fun combination of a learning and social event. Our aim is to initiate talks on topics that have a powerful impact on people’s experiences. These virtual sessions are enjoyed remotely. Recent topics include Lunch & Learn on “My Transgender journey” and “Neurodiversity acceptance”.
  • Tips & Tricks – Health & Wellness is on the rise and we aim to support the employees the best we can. Alongside all our global initiatives, we share some day-to-day usable tips & tricks on various topics, such as “How to avoid digital eye strain while working from home”, “How to wear a mask during COVID times”, “Healthy Eating”, etc.

Occupational Health and Safety

The Health and Safety of our employees is a high priority area for Pharmalex.

Our health and safety mangement is guided by our Occupational Health and Safety Policy which lays down our Health and Safety principles and KPIs. It reflects our comittment to comply with all applicable laws and regulations and our sense of care towards everyone associated with Pharmalex .

Health and Safety Risk assesment

We have conducted a comprehensive risk assesment throughout major PharmaLex facilities and mapped out hazards and mitigations. This is helping us to develop a more efficient health and safety system across PharmaLex.

Health and safety trainings

PharmaLex employees are trained on health and safety topics like fire safety, electrical safety etc. We have also made sure that every new employee attends these trainings so that the basic awaress about the topic can be created.

Diversity & Inclusion

PharmaLex believes that experiencing diversity is a part of living in a civilized society. Differences do not form right or wrong; it is variety that can lead to a common goal. A collaborative, supportive and respectful environment increases the participation and contribution of employees. It removes barriers, discrimination and intolerance thus it becomes natural for everyone to feel included and supported.

Our Code of Conduct stricly prohibits any discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, sexual identity, gender, gender identity, pregnancy, marital status, age, disability or socioeconomic status. Pharmalex’s workforce consists of 64% of women with more than 50% split in management position. We are also pro-actively hiring people with disabilities ensuring our offices suitably equipped. We are also comitted to promoting supplier diversity by giving prefrences to business which are run by women or minorities

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