Confidence Beyond Compliance

Compliance expertise is guaranteed with our RA experts located around the world. PharmaLex is uniquely positioned to ensure that your products meet all regulations and laws no matter where you are. Our teams have successfully managed multiple large-scale projects through to the post-market phase. We can position you for success from the initial development of new medicines all the way through to market readiness. We are your strategic partner, playing a key role in your success by outlining a tactical, target-oriented plan, flexible based on the ever-changing regulatory field.

Not sure what you need? Let us design a work flow that fits your expectations in regards to results, deadline and budget. Whether you need us for one day or five days per week; part-time or full-time; on-site or remote, our team will evaluate what will be most beneficial to you and your project. Partnering with PharmaLex, gives you access to worldwide expertise. Contact us for a review of your needs to provide you with the most appropriate service model for your project.

What our clients say

Our project team were very impressed with the quality of the research and the reports that you sent through. We didn’t need any convincing that your recommendations should be followed. It showed PharmaLex in a very positive light, and the Project Team are keen to work with you again.

Leading European Specialist Pharma Company
Head of Medical Writing and Publications

We needed to develop our strategy and PharmaLex had exactly the experience we needed.

Med Device company, UK
Senior QA Director