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Customer On-site Support

A fully scalable, flexible service model

Every pharmaceutical company experiences peaks and troughs in workload. A particularly complex, cross-functional and/or multi-national project may require extra resources or specific expertise. Equally you may have a short, medium or long term resource gap which existing FTEs are unable to cover due to maternity/paternity leave, unexpected absenteeism, changes in business priorities, sudden peaks in workload or the advent of unforeseen assignments.

Customer On-site Support (COS) provides a convenient, tailor-made and cost effective solution for companies looking for short-, medium- and long-term resource. It provides complete flexibility, allowing companies to allocate the appropriate level of support to their regulatory, pharmacovigilance and/or scientific affairs teams, as well as ensuring they keep a tight control on the budget. Our experienced consultants will integrate into your company’s team and follow your internal quality system as required, helping to plug key resource gaps. They can cover more long-term requirements such as maternity or paternity leave as well as any personnel shortages. In addition, they can provide specialist expertise for specific projects. The many options include:

  • Full support or dedicated project work
  • Support on an interim basis to replace or extend a client’s own personnel
  • Part or full time support on site at a customer’s premises
  • Range: 1 day per week – 5 days per week
  • Flexibility across the spectrum from less than 1 FTE up to a team of employees requested