Confidence Beyond Compliance

PharmaLex is recognized as a global leader in the application of Bayesian methodology consulting and programming to the Biopharma industry, from pre-clinical to late phase studies and in a wide range of therapeutic areas.

Bayesian thinking is at the heart of our approach. While our team is comfortable handling classical or frequentist statistics as well as advanced Bayesian statistics, our problem solving strategy always puts new problems into a Bayesian perspective. This provides our customers with a crystal clear understanding of the solutions proposed, its impact and the long term opportunities.

Providing both statistical training and consulting services to pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies, our goal is the same as the companies we support – to efficiently and consistently develop and deliver quality medicine to patients.

Discovery and Pre-clinical Research

PharmaLex has a long expertise in supporting discovery laboratories in pharmaceutical sciences with great emphasis on in-vitro and in-vivo animal models to ensure the studies are adequately reproducible and predictive to support decision making.

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Clinical Development

PharmaLex is specialized in the development and analyses of innovative clinical trials to maximize the probability of success and the outcome.

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PharmaLex has built a recognized and innovative expertise in the development, validation and control of analytical procedures and bioassays.

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Process Design and Manufacturing

PharmaLex has developed a long experience in proposing robust and innovative statistical solutions for the development, validation and control of processes, in particular bio-processes for mABs, vaccines and cell cultures.

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Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

PharmaLex has a wide range of experts in mathematics, Bayesian statistics, computational science, chemistry, biology, pharmacy, bio- engineer, biochemistry, business and psychology that can, by working together, address, solve and implement impactful data science solutions for a wide range of problems.

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Data Management

PharmaLex provide a broad array of clinical data management services to support this critical phase in clinical research. We help our clients generate high-quality, accurate, and statistically sound data from clinical trials.

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