Confidence Beyond Compliance

PharmaLex has a wide range of experts in mathematics, Bayesian statistics, computational science, chemistry, biology, pharmacy, bio- engineer, biochemistry, business and psychology that can, by working together, address, solve and implement impactful data science solutions for a wide range of problems. A multi-disciplinary team is the best way to make effective data science that match the needs and support effective decision making. The PharmaLex team masters most advanced languages used in Data Science such as SAS, R, STAN, JAGS, Python, Java, C++. We are working and innovating for more than 10 years in Machine Learning methodologies such as SVM, Random Forest, Lasso, … we also have the computational power to handle large amounts of data in short time frame.

Examples of applications

  • Root cause detection in manufacturing
  • Detection of epileptic seizures
  • Quantification of substances from NMR signals
  • Bioprocess control based on RAMAN spectra
  • Kinetic and Dynamic models based on EEG signals
  • Chemical process control using NIR spectra
  • Statistical deconvolution from cEIF and UV data
  • Fraud detection in bank transaction
  • Risk Based Monitoring of clinical data bases