Confidence Beyond Compliance

Bayesian thinking is at the heart of our approach

While our team is comfortable handling classical or frequentist statistics as well as advanced Bayesian statistics, our problem solving strategy always puts new problems into a Bayesian perspective. This provides our customers with a crystal clear understanding of the solutions proposed, its impact and the long term opportunities.

PharmaLex has applied and successfully implemented Bayesian statistics to a wide range of topics in discovery, pre-clinical studies, clinical trials, manufacturing and pharmacovigilance. Our scientists have also trained hundreds of statisticians in Bayesian statistics using several programming languages such as SAS Proc MCMC, STAN, JAGS, MCMCPack, Bugs. Some of our statisticians are also the founders of the conference dedicated to Applied Bayesian statistics in Pharmaceutical Sciences (

Fields of applications of Bayesian statistics

  • Bioassays optimization and validation
  • Analytical procedure optimization and validation
  • Design space for processes, formulation and assays
  • CPV or Process validation
  • Stability modeling, shelf-life, IRL
  • Definition of specifications
  • Predictive capability of processes
  • SPC and control strategies
  • Analytical biosimilarity
  • Adaptive design in clinical trials
  • PK/PD models and Bayesian ODE
  • Prediction of Clinical trials
  • Biomarker validation and qualification
  • Sampling in continuous manufacturing
  • Evaluation of cosmetic products
  • Transfer of assays
  • Comparison of analytical procedures
  • Dissolution testing
  • Content Uniformity assessment
  • Reproducibility of preclinical model
  • Elicitation of priors for early clinical trials

Languages in Bayesian statistics

  • SAS Proc MCMC
  • STAN
  • JAGS
  • BUGS
  • MCMCPack

Training in Bayesian statistics

  • Theory
  • Modeling
  • Sampler
  • Languages
  • Diagnostics
  • Application
  • Advanced topics