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PharmaLex in the Nordics

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There is no replacement for having detailed local knowledge. Understanding the complexities of country specific legislation or knowing the most appropriate way to approach a project based on local regulatory and pharmacovigilance guidance, is a key strength and helps us maintain our high success rate.

  • Like all PharmaLex affiliates, PharmaLex Nordics is capable of offering the entire service portfolio the group has to offer, making sure our clients receive the same high standards they have to come to expect.
  • PharmaLex Nordics offer international support for client products with excellent expertise locally supported by subject-specific experts, a great pool of experience as well as a swift deployment of regional and highly qualified staff covering your short-term demand.


  • Torben Nørgaard
    Torben Nørgaard
    General Manager PharmaLex Denmark Agern Allé 24 DK-2970 Hørsholm Denmark
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  • Hege Ronning
    Hege Ronning
    Managing Director - PharmaLex Norway PharmaLex Norway Karoline Kristiansens vei 1 NO-0661 Oslo Norway


  • Ingela Björholt
    Ingela Björholt
    Managing Director - PharmaLex Sweden PharmaLex Sweden Medicinaregatan 8B Gothenburg SE-413 90 Sweden