Working at PharmaLex

Our team is composed of professionals with many years’ experience together with colleagues who are just beginning their career at PharmaLex. A team assembled with people from the broadest range of different disciplines guarantees that you will have an exciting and enriching career at a company that is growing both domestically and internationally.

PharmaLex has a broad, interdisciplinary thematic spectrum alongside unique people with different backgrounds and experiences. We will expand your existing knowledge and create new pathways for you through internal and external training programs as well as through our Knowledge Club.

PharmaLex Group
  • We offer you variety as well as dynamic challenges, working for different clients and on different projects
  • We take responsibility and challenge you to take on new roles, tasks and responsibilities in line with your career aspirations
  • We offer target oriented and systematic training to support your development and to prepare for new market demands
  • Our flat hierarchies encourage the achievement of personal objectives
  • We offer temporary project assignments for employees to foreign sites
  • We manage talent closely and opportunities are available for high qualified employees ready for a new challenge
Dr. Simone Fröhling

Director, Global Operating Officer Pharmacovigilance and Head of Pharmacovigilance Team (Frankfurt)

Work-life balance

The key is flexibility. Alongside the nature and variety of work I do, I also have a great work-life balance. I am part-time but still able to take advantage of key development opportunities to further my career.

Ana Belen Vela

Director, Head of Pharmacovigilance Team, PharmaLex Spain

Constant motivation

The level of professionalism and continuously high standards are a key attraction of working at PharmaLex. I am lucky to have seen my efforts result in tangible successes which continue to provide me with daily motivation.

Puneet Kapoor

Senior Manager, Scientific Affairs, PharmaLex India

Global Reach

Working at PharmaLex has enabled me to develop both personally and professionally. Their flexible and supportive approach has given me the opportunity to work in a truly global team.

Daniel Galla

Manager Regulatory Affairs, PharmaLex US

International career opportunities

PharmaLex has an inspiring leadership team who support professional growth whilst ensuring a great work-life balance. I work on a wide variety of projects which has taught me how to manage in a challenging and constantly changing environment.